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Our firm belief

<< A Healthy Pet = A Happy Owner>>


maomaogaogao.com – So our founder has decided to adopt a cuter & easier to remember name to continue her online supplements’ business.  maomaogaogao simply stands for “cat cat dog dog”.

Having a vast experience in pets’ supplements industry since 2013, our founder is still very much committed in helping to improve the Quality of Life for cats & dogs. 

Supplements are essential as they help to support daily body functions in pets to maintain health & improve their quality of life regardless of their age, breed and gender.  Hence, choosing the right supplement is vital.

Throughout the years, our range of supplements have benefited numerous cats & dogs in various ways.  We have countless testimonials verified by pet owners that our supplements have helped their fur kids in one way or another.

To date, our products range has expanded to include specialty products for liver and heart as well as supplements for common gastro-intestinal & joint issues.

Take a look at the products in this website.  There is always one suitable supplement for your fur kids.